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We are a full-service content marketing agency that builds brands, establishes thought leaders, and creates audiences. We create content and strategies designed to help legal technology companies, law firms, and other B2B professional organizations reach their goals.

David Guarnieri
Managing Director, Infian

We brought Scribe in to help with a campaign to build our thought leadership in the healthcare technology vertical. They helped us pitch and develop five articles that were selected for publication in a leading industry magazine. The process was painless, and working with Scribe was seamless: it’s like they were part of our in-house marketing team.

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Our expertise makes the art of expression accessible, convenient, and affordable by incorporating:

Complex content is often better suited for bedtime reading than thought leadership. We enliven even the most mundane topics with creative storytelling, analogies, and themes.

We understand the complexities of industry regulations and compliance, so law-related topics get careful and thoughtful treatment, adding credibility to your publications.

We thoroughly research every project, so all we need is minimal guidance from you. Before we write, we gain an intimate familiarity with the topic, saving you time and limiting rewrites.

Text from Scribe is thoughtfully and thoroughly edited by writers with experience as a journal’s editor-in-chief and as a writing professor.

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