Our approach:

Marketing shouldn’t be a cost center; it should be a revenue source. But many companies simply throw money at marketing campaigns without thinking through their strategy or goals.

We believe there’s a better way.

Our clients are legal technology innovators, law firms, respected corporations, and business pioneers. Together, we create memorable, shareable content—and a supporting strategy—that helps our clients build—and keep—trust with their audience.

For more than a decade, we have led clients from a chaotic approach to a strategic, data-driven methodology to reach their audience. We have helped our clients build their brands, raise their profile, launch new products and services, and protected their reputations.

In short, we’ve helped them rise above the noise so they can reach their marketing and business goals.

Our history:

Scribe began as a twinkle in our founder’s eye… In fact, Kristin had no idea what she was doing when she stepped away from the practice of law, aside from the fact that she had a love of writing and editing, honed over many years of litigation and teaching law students how to write.

Kristin started as a freelance editor in 2008. One of her earliest eDiscovery clients recognized that it made no sense to pay someone else to write what Kristin was ruthlessly editing, so her client asked her to take over the responsibilities for drafting its three weekly blogs, customer-facing product and service collateral, and annual book. She never looked back.

Today, Kristin still leads Scribe, but she is joined on this journey by her trusty sidekick, Sandy, and a host of other recovering lawyers and assorted do-gooders, all on a mission to improve content creation.

Ten years in, we’ve dropped the “On Demand” from our name, signifying the fact that we aim to build strategic, long-lasting alliances with our clients. We’re not fast food, and our name reflects our commitment to ongoing excellence. We do our best work as partners, not outsiders.

Our Location

We are strategically located in the highest-growth areas of the City of Richmond: Scott’s Addition and Northside.

Our community commitment:

We approach our commitment to service the same way we approach our clients: with passion.We contribute countless pro bono hours to other local nonprofits every year and offer a substantial discount to local nonprofits. We are proud that since our launch, we have contributed more than 500 hours in service to our projects. If your nonprofit is looking for marketing help, contact us.