Kristin Walinski

In fourth grade, Kristin’s teacher published a story she drafted in a local newspaper. In twelfth grade, Kristin won a science competition—not because of her experiment, but because of her research and writing.

She loved being a lawyer if it meant defeating others with words, whether through strategic deposition questions or motions for dismissal or summary judgment. (Her motion track record was 30-0!). She taught legal writing in law school and then again while she practiced in-house. It only took 33 years for Kristin to figure out what everyone else already knew: she should be a writer.

Today, Kristin is a recovering lawyer (a lifelong process with way more than 12 steps!) and has found her passion in content marketing and strategy. She’s been fortunate enough to write (anonymously) for some of the world’s leading publications including Forbes, Corporate CounselExecutive Counsel, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, and The Huffington Post, among others.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kristin lives in a hundred-year-old house in the city’s Northside. If she’s not working, she’s running (and thinking about a fifth marathon), fighting weeds in her garden, watching her boyfriend’s children play field hockey and soccer, coaching championship high school mock trial teams, cheering for the Virginia Cavaliers, petting one of her five(!) cats (George, Ernie, Roo, Tulip, and Smokey), or volunteering with The Podium Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the writing and communication skills of middle and high school students.