Biographies and Practice Descriptions

Do your biographies and practice descriptions sing, or are they just like every other firm’s? Potential clients want to know who you are and why they should connect with you.

We’ll distill your unique style into a format that highlights your expertise and plays up the key differentiators that will help you win more of the right businessFor most law firms, the highest-traffic pages are lawyer biographies and practice group descriptions. The content on these pages has to refined, persuasive, and, most importantly, it’s can’t scream “all about me”: it has to be client-centric.

Legal and Professional Biographies

Bios are more than just a webpage; they’re also the cornerstone of requests for proposals, firm brochures, speaker bios, and social media. Clear, consistent writing with a style that sets your firm apart from the competition is key for writing persuasive bios and convincing practice group descriptions; if you look the same as every other firm in your practice area or region, you’ll lose out on opportunities. Scribe can help you define differentiators that sets you apart and develop a bio template and the content to fill it to reinforce your firm’s key value propositions.

Practice Group Descriptions

Scribe can help develop a positioning strategy that captures your firm’s or practice group’s personality. We’ll then use that strategy to craft content that translates your skills and experience into terms that resonate with your prospects.